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Extremely Lightweight Watercraft for Paddling

I now live close to a very small lake, approximately two city blocks away. I want to get out onto the lake but don't want to get a boat or something that involves using my car to drop it into the lake. However, I'm not a big or strong person. Also, I'm too clumsy for something that requires standing. So, is there some type of small craft where you sit and paddle that is very lightweight for my purposes. I want something that I can carry/drag for a couple of blocks.

It would be good if it's a stable craft but I would not go out in troubled weather with it. Also, I would possibly wear a life vest just to be safe.

I'm just starting to think about what could work for me but looking for suggestions.

I have sailed but never paddled, and I mention that because I know they're different, but just to say that I understand some issues of being on the water, if that helps to give suggestions.

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I suspect when I check the depth of my local lake that, even not being a very big lake, is probably too deep to walk out of.

I would still encourage you to wear a life vest, especially if you're by yourself or there are few people around. People have drowned even in shallow water. Suppose your hardshell canoe or kayak flips and hits you on the head. A good vest will not only keep you afloat but also in a position where you can still breathe even if dazed or unconscious.


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Good point. In fact, in sailing, have been bashed about quite a bit just in a fixed keel boat. Thinking about a craft that could tip me in and I agree I should be extra-thoughtful about the danger of the water.

Lifejackets - "The life you have to save my not be your own!"