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Experience with on the water kayak repairs?

I would like to bring an emergency repair it for a week long kayak trip in June, in which we'll be facing many Class II and IIIs.  We'll all be using polyethylene kayaks.  I just wanted a small patch kit in case of damage to one of our hulls.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks 

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Duct tape, seriously. The odds of damaging a poly boat are not good so if you do it might be catastrophic. In the event you puncture the hull and dont fold the boat up, duct tape the hole.

Thanks @GregA .  I was honestly thinking the same thing, which I'll have some along anyway.  I'm not overly concerned with this even happening, but was curious if anyone came across this.  

Keep Calm and Paddle On

Duct tape-has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together.....

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The Sevylor patch kit is easy, quick enough, effective.

I have had less success with duct tape. And then you have to clean up all that duct tape glue before you actually patch it. I've also used temporary boat patches that are commonly available and find that they are unsatisfactory and fail within hours.

Just get it done right the first time. You'll probably need a break from all of the work you have to do unloading the kayak and patching the gear anyway. It only takes an hour or so for it to dry if you can put it in the sun.

If the repair is on the bottom, I'll put duct tape over the top of the repair hoping to protect it a little bit as it is still a little early in the drying process. I've also done this in salt water, including on Mono Lake, which is hyper saline.