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Everglades NP canoe/kayak trip - wish me luck!

signing off for a few weeks as my buddy drags me down to everglades national park for an 8 day canoe/kayak trip.

I'm riding shotgun in a canoe, everyone else in a kayak.

3 camps on the ocean side beaches, 4 camps on the wilderness waterways 'chickees', 120' wooden double platforms in the mangroves, reservations only.

alligators, crocs, and pythons.  and I'm deathly afraid of snakes anyway, so sure, why not pythons!

I go because I'm dragging my buds to bridger in july and the sierras for a month in august (jmt), so it was difficult to get a pass.


wish me luck!

anyone see the movie 'anaconda' recently, lol!

and, per usual, here's my map

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@Philreedshikes - Wow! Thank so much for this update. Reading that list of what you encountered is jaw-dropping!

I can't wait to see the video you make. Looking forward to it already. It's great to hear you had a such an amazing adventure!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Congrats @Philreedshikes on completing the adventure and coming home all in one piece!  

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Part 1, the Ocean Phase

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Hey @Philreedshikes - Thanks for sharing! This was so much fun to watch!

I loved seeing your friend's water storage in the 2 liter coke bottles. That's ingenuity at it's best and I'm sure they worked perfectly well.

When you were videoing in your tent I noticed that your rain fly wasn't on. Was the weather calm enough some nights to sleep without it? 

My favorite line in the whole thing was "It's very important someone falls in the water before I do." Ha! Those manatees looked pretty friendly — though they were probably the nicest animals you saw the whole trip!

Thanks again for sharing. I'm already excited for part 2!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-CarterC, yes the weather was calm, at night...however, that said, the dew condensation was enormous, meaning you had to put on the rain fly just to keep everything dry in your tent!

I kept it off the first night to look at the stars, wound up with everything in my tent, that cooled off, getting a layer of water.

the ocean breeze did ensure no bugs, that was nice.  We would miss it later on the inland ground sites.

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Loving these videos, thanks for sharing!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

so fun! I did this with my dad in 2019 and it was a blast. its an amazing jungle down there- prepare for lots of bugs and some high temps.

here's part 2..."the nightmare"!


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