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Cockpit Cover for Kayak

I'm going back and forth about getting a cockpit cover for my kayak. I'm thinking of using it when when I need to do outdoor storage and to reduce drag when transporting the kayaks on our car roof. Have people had good experiences with specific brands of cockpit covers? Are they worth the price?

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I used one for outdoor storage but I would not trust it to stay onn during highway driving. It was not vey expensive and kept the rain, leaves, and mice out, but I do not remember the brand and there is no name or logo on the cover.

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@LaurenHelen , these are great questions. Cockpit covers are very effective at keeping pests out of your kayak for storage and there are a few that specify they can be used during transport as well. I've had the experience of paddling away from the kayak launch only to be surprised by a spider in my kayak; this experience alone makes the investment worth it. has a feature that will allow you to compare the features and specs of different models to ensure that you get what you need and don't overpay for features that you don't.

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Are you inquiring in regard to a spray skirt or just a cover for the cockpit?


I have a Seals and dragon something.  The Seals cover is great, very durable and works great going down the highway.   It can be a little difficult to get on the first few times, but it stays snug.  It also comes with a strap to wrap around the kayak to help keep it on, as well as a bungee and hook to connect to your deck webbing.  The other brand is ok, but for the same price is not up to the quality of the seals.


I use primarily Seals cockpit covers for our sea kayaks. I use the model with the strap that goes around the boat and a hook on the leading edge that connects to the bungees. They ride on top of the truck, car , van or trailer with no problems.

Taking the cover with you on the paddle is good too since we often stop in "wild" places. Putting the cover on during a break can keep the spiders, mice and other  things out of the cockpit. Putting it on at night in the camp ground is a must. Get the neopreme not the nylon. Nylon leaks after time.

I like to get the listings that give sizing charts with dimensions, length and width, of the cockpit. Saddly many of the listings fail to have this information.  I seemed to recall NRS lists them better than REI. 

The cover may be a little tight when you first get it. That is a good thing. They strech.  Start at the back of the cockpit put it under the cockpit rim and streach the front "pointy" part foward and under the rim. Work down both sides to get the rest of it under. Hook the clip. Put it on and leave kayak in the sun. The cover will fit.

Skirts are another item. But similar.