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Best PFD for a woman with a short torso?

I'm 4'11", 115 pounds, and need a PFD for kayaking. I do flatwater paddling, ponds and quiet streams. I am not at all tall, and what height I have is in my legs. Can someone recommend the best PFD for someone my size and shape? I see that some of the PFDs for women mention they are good for the short-waisted. The PFDs I've tried, even if they a good fit around my torso, tend to ride up and rub against my chin; very annoying.

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Thanks for reaching out!

This is a challenging one so we appreciate your patience in advance as we track down someone who may have some experience and knowledge in PFDs that may work for you. We'll be sure to circle back with you here in the community when we have more info.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @nicepace Keeping in mind that there is no one answer to this question, it comes down to trying on a PFD and if possible to sit in a kayak when you do so. With that said, two PFD's I have had good luck with for short torso paddlers are the Astral YTV, and the NRS Ninja. Both are low profile PFD's made by great companies. 

The PFD riding up can also be an indicator of a PFD that is too loose. Here is an REI expert advice article on how to choose, and fit a PFD.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

If its riding up, its probably not snug enough. Possibly at your size, if you have a high seat back it might be getting pushed.

Snug it up and try again.

If it is not a kayak specific PFD with the back flotation high on the shoulder, try one of those.

If it is a PFD with the back flotation high and it is still hitting.... Dont lean back, sit up straighter with your body over your hips which is actually the proper position that is better for the shoulders anyway and you get a better stroke from the core..... Get a low back band and retro fit the boat.