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Being the Trip Leader is a Pain

I just need to vent.

In order to float rivers you often need a permit.  So I got a permit for a desirable river trip, lined up 10 people who claimed they wanted to go rafting, rented enough boats for them all, reserved a group site  to camp the day before the launch, shelled out 100s of $$$s for all the permits, rentals and campsites  -- and then 6/10 of them dropped out one week before the launch date when it's too late for me to get a refund.  So now I also have to try to make people pay up for a trip they didn't go on. Grrrrrrr.

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Thanks for the follow up. Glad you were able to enjoy the trip. Hope next time turns out better for you.


I suspect group size had something to do with your fine experience.  10 is way too much of a herd, and two is  barely safe, but four or five is just about ideal.  It helps if there are pre-existing social relationships between folks and not just random people, drawn at large.

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Glad you had a wonderful trip.  Sorry to hear about the issues.  i have been there done that (Golf Leagues and a trek at Philmont Scout ranch).  Always lots of I would like to do that.  Then when the ask for the money occurs, things can get fun.