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Any kayak campers out there?

After being a backpacker for many years, I discovered the joys of kayak camping about two years ago. Kayaks seem to be ideal as a camping platform, allowing you to explore while still lugging almost all the comforts of home. I love the fact that I can bring along luxury/comfort items without the weight penalties associated with backpacking.

I'd love to hear about some of your kayak camping adventures!

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I love canoe camping, I always thought a kayak would be too small for my stuff...

Hello everyone, 

I'm kinda in the opposite position, I've kayak camped for maybe 10 years, moved from an initial 10ft to a 17 poly then a wood CLC 17. I started backpacking maybe a yr and a half ago, shifted into winter camping last year. The nice part is for the most part, the camping gear is interchangeable (cost effective). I have an RV that I live in and greatfully it all fits :)... Finding others too go winter camping seems to be like pulling teeth that aren't loose though. This is my 1st day here, all of you are awesome here is seems... 

I am getting ready to start kayak camping this year. Last year I bought my first kayak and since then I also bought the camping gear. Very excited about the prospects.

I have my first kayak camping trip of the season in mid-June.  I'll be doing 70 miles of the Cloquet River (MN) from Indian Lake Campground to the St. Louis River.  This area in Northern MN is part of the Chippewa National Forest and in the Cloquet Valley.  We'll be doing about 16 river miles a day and fishing and camping along the way.  There are many rustic DNR-sponsored camp sites along the way and we're planning on using Hammock shelters for our sleep systems (although I plan on purchasing an UL tent for backup as my old Quarter Dome is end of life).  This is very low impact camping and we'll be filtering all our water and bringing freeze-dried meals, with the possibility of a fish fry.  We'll have a group of 5 of us who all made our Eagle Scout together when we were young.  It's exciting because we've all had families since our teenage years and are essentially reuniting now as we make out way back into the wilderness.  I'm very excited to get back into the woods and VERY excited to haul in (and out) everything we need.  I'm also excited to me amongst like minded folks here on the REI forum. Here is some of my gear list - 

-Kayak:  Jackson Cuda 12

-Paddle:  Bending Branches Angler Pro

-Sleep System:  ENO One Link, Mountain Hardware Ultra Lamina Sleeping Bag

-Sleep System 2 (backup):  Sea to Summit Telos (if I can get it before the trip) or the Nemo Dagger (if I can find the footprint)



Keep Calm and Paddle On

Some photos from my last trip to Rainy Lake at the Canadian Border last year.  This was a very intense trip as the winds were crazy, but the fishing was goodMy shelter on the water's edgeMy shelter on the water's edge12038648_10100534669726230_4632868669727354424_o_10100534669726230.jpg11227972_10100534670674330_4880179519554096196_o_10100534670674330.jpg12045769_10100534670135410_4421618443589711636_o_10100534670135410.jpg

Keep Calm and Paddle On