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Advice on Kayak Paddle Length


I read the article about choosing a kayak paddle. I am 6'03" tall, my wife is 5'07" tall, and our tandem kayak (Riot Escape Duo) is 34.6" wide. Based on your chart, a 250cm paddle is recommended for both of us. However, I only see paddles up to 240cm available on your website.

We are casual, recreational paddlers. Its a sit on top kayak. I would like decent paddles, but don't want to spend $500/ea.

Any recommendations?



2 Replies

Great question @RichieZ .  If I'm looking at the correct boat it appears that the seats are sitting up high on this model sit-on-top.  That can impact paddle length as well , mostly changing the angle of entry.  For this style boat I would say a 240 for you and 230 for your wife would be a good starting point.  You certainly don't need to spend $500 to get your hands on a very nice light, stiff paddle that glides like a dream through the water.  I think many underestimate the impact of a really nice paddle.  Werner paddles are always a great place to start.  You won't regret investing in good paddles.  

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-ChipC Ok. Thanks for the guidance on length as well as a good paddle choice!