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Van Rentals

Has anyone rented a van to travel in? My husband and I got one from Escape Campervans in April and took it to the Grand Canyon and Sedona from Las Vegas. It made me REALLY want to buy one for ourselves. It made traveling so easy!

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Hey Kaleigh!

I haven't, but I have been wanting to do a trip with a Vancraft van down in San Diego, and travel through baja Mexico. How was your experience renting through Escape campervans?

Hey! That sounds awesome, I'll look up Vancraft! My experience with Escape was great. I actually did it through a Groupon, but I called them before I bought it to ask questions I had. They were super nice on the phone and in person at the depot. I was able to get the van earlier in the day as well, I just gave them a call to see if it was ready and it was, so that was nice to get a head start on everything. I highly reccommend them! 


I've used voyager campervans and loved it!

I'll look up Voyager too!


Speaking of rentals, it looks like some of the van rental companies use rentals as a way to market their van builds. They rent a van to Kaleigh, she loves it, and has them build her one. I want to talk about the smallest vans. I built a Promaster City camper, and for personal reasons, have decided to sell it. I'm not finding a market for these little vans. It appears people are not aware of them unless they've rented one. Many of the rental companies have them because they are cheap to rent, they get 30 mpg (28 hwy rating), and they're fun and easy to drive. You can park them anywhere if you're on vacation in a city. Unlike a Sprinter, they fit in a parking garage and your home garage. And, they don't sit when you're not travelling. They can be your daily driver. But, nobody seems to know they exist. I think the car dealers hide them in the commercial van lot because they'd rather sell a more expensive SUV. So, what's your experience? Do you know what a Promaster City is?