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Storage for Boots and other stinky stuff

Yo fellow van/RV/Truck dwellers- where do you store boots and stinky stuff in your van? I'd like to somehow keep this ish separate from my not-totally-stinky stuff.

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Hey @Former community member - This question made me smile because the dilemma is oh so real!

For a while I kept my smelly climbing shoes in a compartment of my climbing bag, but eventually realized that bag would forever stink if I kept that up! I'm no longer living in a van, but when I was, I had a drawstring bag that I shoved all of my stinky shoes into. There are some surprisingly sturdy versions of those around and can often be found in second-hand stores, etc.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Get some silicone RTV gaskets making material from an auto-part supply or section of a store and put a "bead" of gasket on the lid or container edge (or both) of a plastic storage container.   Allow to dry (usually one-two days, there are quick set and one hour versions, which really should be in your emergncy toolbox already if you know what you are doing) Make sure it has dehumidifier packets (seaweed snacks always have them) and something that has defragrancing and refregrancing qualities.  Loose tobacco works extremely well for dehumidifying, removing bad smell, and converting bad odors.  Rice and oats also work for dehumidifying, but then you need baking soda and herbal bug spray for smell).  Wet or overly moist items are not good to store air-tight.


I wish REI or some other entity had storage for, or maps of, shared on-the-road items, tools like steam cleaning and upholstery equiptment, repairs, etc. ...