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Overlanding - Resources or Tips?

Looking to get into overlanding. Does anyone have any good resources or tips? I've been looking into Subaru Outbacks and Jeep Wranglers with the 2 door hard tops. I figure its just me and a 2 door should have enough storage if I took out the back seat. Just figured I'd reach out to see if anyone had any thoughts.

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@Tuckdoway Thanks for reaching out!

While I'd hardly consider myself an 'overlander' yet, I do enjoy taking my truck and roof top tent out on to the abundant public lands and roads up here in Alaska for some off-grid camping with my family. I have found that the Bureau of Land Management website, office, and maps have been an invaluable resource for planning trips. We keep ours to fairly well known roads as my truck, while highly capable Chevy Silverado, is not really an off-road vehicle. I cannot recommend a roof-top tent enough though, they're such a blast!

I will also tag @REI-ShanaT here as she and her family have a pretty awesome off-road trailer and could likely provide you with some tips. I actually think she is currently on a trip with said trailer and won't be back on the grid for another week or so.

We also have a couple of members of our community that I will tag here to see if they have any input: @Wheels @BJJ_Taco @LiveOutdoors any thoughts?

Also, we have a thread, When looking for a new place to camp, do you use any cool services to help search?, that has some great ideas for finding camping spots, including a suggestion for an app called iOverlander.

Hopefully this helps get you started!

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@Tuckdoway so excited for you!

@REI-JohnJ had some great advice for resources. I use the app iOverlander and absolutely love it!

In regards to your wheels and sleeping arrangements, a lot of it will depend on how tall you are. Make sure that however you set up your space you have room to stretch out completely. Otherwise, it's gonna be a very uncomfortable time! I also like to change up my sleeping arrangements, as I find that sleeping in my car is not always the best option (for example, if the weather is super nice and the stars are super bright, why would I want to sleep with a roof over my head?). Several alternate sleeping arrangements that I like to use are: hammock (obv. best if you have trees haha... this can also be used as a chair, so even better!), tent w/ sleeping pad/bag, or even just a sleeping bag/pad on a tarp on the ground! Depending on your vehicle/financial situation, you could also invest in a tent meant to be placed on the roof of your vehicle.

Also, make sure to maximize your storage space. If you find that you have extra room in the back of your car, consider building a platform that allows you to raise up you bed while having storage room underneath!

I could go on an on for advice, so if you have any other specific questions let me know!

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Our overland platform of choice is a 2013 Jeep Wrangler JK (2 Doors) Rubicon, name Pancho, We chose Pancho since for us one of the main purposes was to get remote and get to places that required access to a more capable 4x4. Regarding overlanding gear and what works for us, Wife and I, when comes to chose gear and since for a 2 doors jeep wrangler space is super premium, it was ultralight backpacking equipment. After several conversations, we've decided on 2 comfort items we would't comprised to really enjoy our trips and keep going back to really enjoy our overlanding adventures. The first one was to invest in a comfortable roof top tent and second was comfortable chairs to set around camp after a long days on the road. If helps we've a ARB Kakadu, old model but cozy; found it used, roof top tent and a couple of NEMO Stargazers Recliner Chairs. Found them on re-used REI members only stores on a significant discounted price but with a lots of lift left to enjoy. Last advise as we've been acquired gear for few years already and it can become expensive; we firmly believe in reuse resources to keep our blueprint lower as much as possible. We'll always research for used gear; hence, REI members stores. Hope this helps and enjoy our earth and keep better then you found it! Cheers and be safe.