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Lets see everyone's adventure vehicle!

I would love to see everyone’s adventure vehicles.  It is inspiring to see everyone’s design and load out.  I don’t live the Vanlife, put I did put together a truck cap camper that gets the job done.  Nothing better than pulling up to camp and not having to set anything up, life is about the luxuries! TacocamperTacocamperTacocamperTacocamperTacocamperTacocamperTacocamperTacocamper

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.
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This is “the old lady” ...’98 Dodge Ram Van





Our base vehicle.  We also tow a Jeep.  Self contained with 50 gallons of fresh water, 88 gallons of gas (Smiley Surprised on fill up!!), 88 pounds of propane, and holding tanks for grey and black wastewater.  Two humongous 12V batteries (don't remember how many amp-hours, but the biggest I could cram into the compartment), and a 4 kW generator.  Have a 100 watt solar panel I haven't installed yet.

Retired medical technologist and engineer
REI member since 1978