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hitch-mounted bike rack for van

We're trying to find the right bike rack to go in the hitch of our Promaster van. 

To carry two bikes, both of which have front/rear fenders. When the rack is not loaded, it should not interfere with the opening of the rear van doors.  Hitch size is 2". 

The REI website wouldn't allow me to post questions (even after I disabled my ad-blocker) so I'm asking for your specific make/model recommendations here. Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Jean999999!

Thanks for reaching out with your question! We have a couple of hitch mounted bike racks that could work well for you, however, we need some qualifying information from you:

  1. We assume the doors on your van are the standard double doors that open out, but we want to confirm that is the case.
  2. Are you looking for a 'tray style' hitch rack where the bikes sit in a tray and the wheels are secured to the rack? Or are you able to 'hang' your bikes from their top tubes where the arms of the rack fit through the frame?

Because your bikes have fenders, it can be challenging to find a tray style rack that can accommodate them. Here are a couple of options that will work with bikes that have fenders:

Unfortunately, those racks do not 'swing away' from the back of the rig, they only lean down. That is unlikely to give enough room to open the van doors. Certainly not enough room if you have converted your van into a camper and need the back doors open to access your kitchen, as an example. In order to make them swing away from your rig and provide access to the back doors, you would need to purchase an extension like the Yakima BackSwing Extension, which fits a 2" receiver and all 2" racks.

We have a couple of models of hitch rack that do swing out of the way when needed:

If your bikes have a sloping top tube (i.e. step-thru bikes) you will need an adapter like the Yakima TopTube Adapter or the Thule Frame Adapter XT for either of these racks.

Hopefully this helps, feel free to circle back with any questions!

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