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Do Trucks Count?

4wd truck with a shell for me. Higher ground clearance, lower to get under tree limbs. Get me to remote trailheads. Park level-ish, and it's quick to climb in the back cot for a comfy nite. Cook inside or out, a couple of tarps and poles and you are ready to BBQ outside in a snowstorm.

Lots of nomads like me prefer trucks. Vanlife? This is easier.

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@Former community member 

Personally, I think trucks should always count! I am thinking about this exact set up, except I have a roof-top tent that I'm hoping I can find a canopy that takes cross bars and will hold it. That way, the kids can sleep 'upstairs' and I can sleep 'downstairs'. We'll see if it works out!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

They accepted my RV.  So, sure, trucks certainly count.  You could get much farther back of beyond than I could!


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CDT N Trailhead, Chain of Craters Road, El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico.

Cot in the back, cooler and any unsecured food up front, as mice make it in back every year. Rechargeable yard lights placed to light up under the truck limits nighttime visitation.

When I was partnered it made more sense to construct a bed kit in the back of my truck. Since I have been unpartnered for my last five Summers of nomadic life, I choose to have just a cot as it is lighter and easier. It also gives me more room in the back to have an alternate place to hang out and cook in inclement weather.

John, I love those tent on top trucks. I've also seen a 4x4 ready storage trailer that supports a tent on top. The tent deck ends up chest high, easier to navigate during nighttime nature calls than truck top.