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REI Co-op Brand Ethical/Eco Conscious?

Dear REI,

After watching The True Cost, I have changed the way I buy clothing and gear. I thought REI's co-op brand was one of the better ones, but I also rely on Good On You for ethical/sustainability reviews, and REI's brand scores a low 2 out of 5 and gets a Not Good Enough (

I want to give REI the chance to respond to this and why your rating is so low. There are very few companies (such as Patagonia) who score well on this site, and I'd really like to see the REI brand with a 4 or 5, without that rating, I will not buy your brand anymore.

Thank you!

2 Replies

@co_trail_runner one of the reasons we are excited about this community is our ability to hear directly from our members and customers, so we appreciate you bringing this to our attention and giving us a chance to respond!

While we are not familiar with Good On You's rating system, it appears they may also not be very familiar with REI. In reviewing the information on their website about REI, we found multiple incorrect and incomplete assessments. For example, we publish our full list of manufacturing partners, share the details of our labor rights initiatives, and have set industry-leading packaging reduction goals. In fact, the most comprehensive resource on our work on human rights, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare is our Stewardship site, where we recently published our 2020 report. You can also review our open-sourced Product Impact Standards to learn more about how we're working to raise the bar across the entire outdoor industry.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you for your thoughtful response!