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Protecting our waterfowl

Today I taught 2 people to cut the strings off their dirty masks so they won’t get caught in our sea birds legs.We should all take action to teach others about protecting the environment we live in,or it won’t be there for the future generations.Since the pandemic I’ve seen so much disrespect for our beaches,lakes, and forests.we need to educate the public more about how to act responsibly in natural environments.understanding that we needed to get outside during this difficult time but most people that are starting to do that have no clue how to protect our environment,they just want to get outside.

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Hi @Saunterer1 - Thanks for sharing this and for your work teaching others about conservation and the protection of waterfowl and waterways!

I am from New Orleans, a place where the realities of environmental destruction are so close to home. Cutting six pack rings is something that I do and teach to others, though cutting disposable masks strings was something that hadn't crossed my mind! Thank you for sharing that.

Are there any resources or organizations that you look to consistently for updates, guidance, or news about conservation? 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Yes, we have local beach patrol,and I also teach the public with our local hospital about sunscreen and sun protection with clothing etc. Disposable of medical waste,  when found unfortunately on the beach ,sunscreens that are more environment friendly and add info with the public when we have health fairs on the beach.But alas this year we didn’t have any due to the pandemicwe have  Fire island National Seashore website and local state parks that update some info.But never enough!

Good for you @Saunterer1 !  It takes real courage to confront this sort of issue. Kudos!!

(by the way, do you know the etymology of saunterer?) it's pretty neat.

this makes me think, that if a person is going to throw a mask onto the beach, are they really going to stop and cut the straps...and then proceed to liter anyway?

It seems to me that a person who's going to cut the strap (or the plastic rings) are going to dispose of the items correctly in the first

My gosh, I really want to vent on litter bugs, but I know I'll be censored.

The islands of Turks and Caicos have banned smoking on the beaches to prevent 'folks' from dropping product into the sand, not sure about other places.  Maybe Waikiki beach?  brilliant idea.

When I go on walks and see bags of fast food that were just thrown out the car window, along a beautiful green parkway, I just want to scream.

I have two related stories about seeing/confronting those littering the 'back country/wilderness'.  It can be a very tough moral decision.

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Yes I know the meaning of my user name for sure! That’s way I pick it! I love John Muir’s philosophy and have been out west and sauntered his namesake trail!


Well, I don’t know if they would do it then but we have to try so maybe next time they would.we can only bring a horse to water it’s up to them to drink it or in this case ,do the right thing.but I feel good to at least do my part in educating them to try to do it.very cool about Turks and Caicos! All beaches should do it !  it is  the home to so many animals! Wish we could liter there house and see if they’d like it!😡


Good advice for sure!  I also hate the amount of mask and glove litter I have been seeing lately, indoors and outdoors.  I haven't ever seen the strings being cut either.

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