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Opt To Act - Simple Action #22: Unplug home appliances you rarely use to save energy.

Week 22: Unplug home appliances you rarely use to save energy.

There’s a vampire in your house. And no, it’s not the one in those Twilight books you pretended not to read. Rather, it’s vampire power—the phantom power that’s being sucked out of your electrical outlets even when your devices and appliances aren’t turned on. Each year, vampire power costs Americans an estimated $3 billion. So this week, make a note to turn off and unplug your TV, your electric toothbrush and your blender when you’re not using them. That goes for your phone charger and your laptop charger, too. You might also look at buying Energy Star-rated appliances, which are more energy efficient and can reduce your electric bills. Some companies even provide rebates for buying Energy Star appliances.

Take part: April 26–May 3, 2020

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I am real bad at unplugging my phone charger. I will work on that this week!