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Misaligned marketing

Dear REI,

As a longtime co-op member and professional conservationist who has worked with REI for years, I was greatly disappointed to see recent news reports of your partnership promoting Ford’s new Bronco. Climate change is the greatest threat to the future of the planet, not to mention humanity. REI has been outspoken on this issue. However, it seems that there is some inconsistency in your marketing, which in turn undermines your leadership. I like most of the REI’s membership still drive combustion engine vehicles, but I think it’s fair to expect better from your marketing efforts. Please reevaluate the direction of your marketing and the marketing consultants you are using. REI can and must do better. Thank you.

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Article published twelve years ago. Things change. Improvements happen. The gas engine of today is not the gas engine of twelve years ago, just as the battery technology of today will advance with future improvements. 

The amount of coal burning power plants are not the same as twelve years ago, but we still have a long way to go to rid the world of them...