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Feedback on Delivery Waste with a package from REI

Did they run out of envelopes? 

I recently purchased a delightful keychain multitool. A 2oz Keychain came in a box big enough for 2 loaves of bread.

The key chain was already packaged in a cardboard, plastic hybrid impenetrable packaging technology, so a large envelope would have been adequate.

On top of all this was the tape. 2 layers of it! Clear and Fibrous. Only thing is the clear tape for half the package wasn’t even closing the seem. The clear tape was on one side and nothing on the other... Except the fibrous tape, which was only made sticky on the ends, allowing it to lay fecklessly  over the gap.
 I would expect more (actually less in this particular case) from REI, a Co-Op whose mission is to get people outdoors enjoying what nature has to offer.

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@nationalparker thanks for taking the time to provide us with feedback on the package you received as it sounds like there may have been a less wasteful way to ship your keychain multitool to you. We appreciate the specificity in your description so we can look for ways to improve, and will pass your description along to our sustainability team. Often, as our teams are packing items for shipment, they consider the best way to get the item to you with no damage (as providing a replacement doubles the waste) - this can seem, and at times can be, excessive, and we do apologize for that. In case this is of interest, we have had a few other threads here in the community on the topic of sustainable packaging.

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