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Welcome REI Co-op Members!
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Earn new badges for your Cooperative Action participation!

Earlier this year we launched Cooperative Action, a platform to scale our impact in the fight for a life outside. It's the place where we get things done, together. When we originally shared this with you all back in April, it was fun to hear your responses and suggestions about Recommerce and the Cooperative Action Network. Now it's time to celebrate your participation!


 Have you purchased or traded-in used gear? Have you e-mailed Congress about protecting and sharing a life outdoors? Let us know which activity you've participated in and you'll earn a new badge for your Conversations profile!

How have you joined in the fight for life outdoors?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
11 Replies

And, the Good and Used site strikes again!  Just purchased a pair of approach shoes.  

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As the others have said, never came here for the badges, but have to agree with @Rob6 , these badges are doing good beyond ones egos.

For those who have never signed an online petition or sent a pre designed email to your representatives, I do want you to consider it. I have sent some to our senators recently about island dredging during turtle hatching season as well as the mining near the Okefenokee swamp. The replies I have gotten back have been very telling. One senator sends a stock reply that gives no indication of the topic!! Gives me something  to remember come election time.