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Can REI plastic shipping bags be recycled?

Hello REI, Are the white plastic shipping bags recyclable?  Thank you, Marita

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@MJIngalsbe thanks for the question! You can find a recent conversation here on this specific topic on our Sustainable Living board.

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Thank you Jen!  It will be helpful when you can get the recycling indicator printed on the bags.

@MJIngalsbe Normally- no.  The word from recycling plant managers is, plastic bags get stuck in the mechanisms. I read an article about this last month 

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Actually, if you recycle it with other thin film grocery store bags (#2 and #4), it should be recyclable at grocery stores that take recyclable bags ( this can also include dry cleaning bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, Amazon bubble shipping mailers, bread bags, newspaper bags, etc.) Check out for more info. I saw in another thread that the white REI  shipping bags are #4, so they should be good for recycling. The only problem is that REI still hasn't put the #4 on the bag, so the retailer where you may take the bag to be recycled won't know if it is recyclable. Let's go REI! You've been talking about this for 2 years!