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Teton Crest trail plus paintbrush, Cascade looking for hiking partner midAugust to early September

due to the fact that glaciers not opening up we are shifting plans to the Teton Crest trail and hopefully doing paintbrush and Cascade open times or mid-august through the first week or so of September.  anybody else sick of the grind and want to go?

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just back from a 7 day backpacking trip to bridger wilderness, just south of that area.  Mosquitoes where brutal, all the time, everywhere...with the exception of  windy places.  We were only at @9800 all week and the high 70's & low 80's felt really really hot!  Lows averages about 32 at night, so be prepared in September!  No rain or afternoon hail storms, and that was a first!


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I hope you had a great trip. I did the bridger-teton National Forest in 2017.


@Daxigait, thanks, we did. Unfortunately 2 cases of very bad blisters on day 1 meant we had to come up with a plan B.

I'm looking forward to the Teton Wilderness next week.  Not the plane ride or the fact we'll be in Grizzly country, but I'm going to take tons of video/photos.

Hopefully will return safe and sound.

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Have fun! I hope you report on it. At leasr you're doing it as a 'we' it's a bit scary to contemplate it without a group, but c'est la vie.


@Daxigait Looks like the west side of Glacier did open up this summer. I'm heading there in 2 weeks if that's something you + your group are still interested in!