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Chippewa Valley

We should add the Chippewa Valley region, focusing on Western Wisconsin. This would cover Eau Claire, Chippewa, St Croix and Dunn County areas. A lot of these areas all work together for events, activities and more. We have the Red Cedar Trail, Eau Claire Co Forest, Augusta Wildlife Refuge and the Ice Age Trail that are in this area as well as Willow River State Park and Lake Wissota State Park.

Plenty of great recreation in Wisconsin.

Mitchell J Clarke
Heartwood Photography
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@heartwoodphoto thanks for the suggestion about the Chippewa Valley region in Western Wisconsin!
We are working on a new way to display locations so they're not in a super long drop-down menu. We'll add a bunch of new locations once that's done. For events and locations that you'd like to post about that don't have a "home" board, just make sure you reference the specific location in the subject line and add the location as a label within your post!