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Park City - Outdoor Activity Suggestions

Hi - I'm looking for suggestions on good outdoor activity and excursion destinations around Park City, Utah, during the summer months.  I'm heading there in August for 4 days, and I'm looking to add some single day adventures to the itinerary.  Hiking and kayaking primarily, but I'm definitely open to any other recommendations.  Thanks!

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@mdiffpsu wondering if @Arch-I-Donkulous or @Crtrluvr1010 have any suggestions!

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Hi Mdiffpsu! Park City is fantastic in August! There are tons of trails for hiking or mountain biking. You can rent bikes at any of the resorts near any of the mountains. Check out the summer tail maps at I'd recommend hiking or biking the Mid Mountain trail that goes between the Canyons Village and Park City Mountain Village. While you're at the Park City Mountain village spend some time on the alpine slide or mountain coaster. Those are some of my favorites! I'd also recommend checking out the Park City Olympic Village ( If you're lucky people will be practicing in the ski jump pools. Have a great trip!


Hi Arch - Appreciate the recommendations.  I missed your reply before and was just checking back in on this conversation tonight.  

For hiking, a friend recommended Thurston Peak, which is about an hour from Park City.  I realize that driving 1 hour isn't really equivalent to staying in Park City, but do you have any way to compare Mid Mountain trail to Thurston or other options within a short drive from Park City?  




Hi @mdiffpsu! Thurston peak is nice but will pull you out of the cooler temperatures in PC. If you really want an amazing hiking experience go to the Highline Trailhead in the Uinta Mountains. It an hour’ish from Park City. This is a popular backpacking location. It is also popular for day hikers. There are some incredible places in the Uinta’s worth exploring. Ruth Lake is a shorter hike that is popular from that area. I’m jealous because I’d love to see the Uinta mountains again for the first time. I hope you have an amazing trip!



Really appreciate the input - this gives me a better feel for the trade-off between staying local making a short trip to get to a different spot like Uinta. 

Everyone in my group is physically active, but not necessarily very experienced hikers.  Is there anything unusual that we should plan on in this area?  Should we be using bear spray?  

Thanks again!


I’ve been hiking in the Uintas lots of times. I’ve seen deer, moose, and lots of chipmunks. I’ve never seen a bear even though I know they are there. I’d recommend hiking with bear spray. My wife just told me to make sure you bring bug spay (she’s vey smart). Also, due to the elevation people get sunburned more easily so bring plenty of sunscreen. 




Super, thanks for all of the help.  Looking forward to this!


Hi - I’m curious what you ended up doing while in the Park City area?


hey - sorry for taking so long to reply!

We ended up doing 2 hikes - one was the Highline Trail and the other was Uinta National Forest.  The latter was a more interesting hike overall, but Highline was a solid choice and it was only a ~3 mile drive or so from downtown Park City to the closest trailhead.  

We also went kayaking on Jordenalle reservoir, but the water levels were very low.  Overall, I would say that Jordanelle isn't a "must do" activity.  Kayaking the Weber River looked much more interesting, but we weren't able to do that because of the low water levels.