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Favorite Lesser known Minnesota camping spots!


Hey everyone! I know most people won’t share their secret spot but maybe there’s one that’s a little less secret but just as amazing that we can check out too! Our spot is in Isinours management area in southern minnesota there is a spot you have to hike up to but it is definitely worth the hike! It has a shelter fire ring and picnic table. But it’s the views from the overlook that make it special so if your ever in southern MN definitely check it out! 

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You keep throwing up awesome MN posts!  I have one I'll share if you're willing to paddle.  It's also nice in that it doesn't require any of the permitting that the BWCA requires (not that this is a bad thing).  It's a truly stunning waterside camp spot.  It's called Loon Bay and is an island in Rainy Lake.  Its a 6 or 7 mile paddle from"X" Marks the Spot"X" Marks the Spot12038648_10100534669726230_4632868669727354424_o_10100534669726230.jpg12045551_10100534670554570_4336232546027529463_o_10100534670554570.jpg the Rainy Lake visitor center 

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