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Canoe Etiquette in the Boundary Waters, MN and other Tips

Hi there Minnesotans, BWCA frequenters, and outdoor water lovers!

My friend and I are headed to the Boundary Waters this weekend, and we are SO stoked. While camping and LNT in the backcountry isn't new to us, paddling (and portaging) to get there is! In addition, we have very little experience canoeing on lakes (more familiar with kayaks in rivers), particularly with motorized boats around (we'll be on a bigger lake for a bit).

I'd like to know if there are any "must knows" in reference to canoe etiquette, especially for a canoebie (canewbie? hahahaha I'm so sorry).

For example, and I think this sounds so dumb but I've been absolutely needing to know, it's okay to just canoe (/kayak) out in the middle of a lake, right? (I do, however, understand the general safety that staying closer to shore has).

Is there anything I need to do to be more visible to larger, faster boats? I've just been so wary of going out in the middle with bigger boats zipping around!

Is there a 'traffic flow' or 'right of way' on the water? Narrow rivers I could manage, I suppose the open space of a lake intimidates me a bit.

We'll be on Trout Lake, so if anyone has any tips, advice, or 'must sees,' please let me know that as well! We'll certainly be visiting a Ranger Station or State Park prior to embarking, but I'd love to hear from the community.

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