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Anyone in Maine?

Looking to find a moose. Any hikers in Maine seen any lately? Just want to take some pictures of the local wildlife. 

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@wendywino Thanks for reaching out!

We do have some folks here in the community from Maine. I'll tag them here to see if they can weigh in!

@JJNortheast @rcl2884 @benner85 @Alivia @FredClinton @MaineAdventure @taskmaster 

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I just saw one the other day, on my way to a hike near Newry. It was eating on the side of the road. I see more by the road then during my hikes, lol. 


Apologies as this is a rather late reply.  Moose like their privacy it seems 🙂  I've seen moose in Baxter (I believe I saw three moose together at Sandy Stream Pond?) and of course the 100 mile wilderness, but my closest interactions were when thru hiking the Cohos trail in NH.  I saw them closer up than expected on multiple occasions...  Boy do they smell bad.  I think that seeing a moose is similar to seeing a bear.  They can be right there, but they're quieter than squirrels, so most people miss them!  And of course besides being super quiet, I've usually seen them earlier than most people wake up or at night, stomping past my tent!  I've heard them along the Carter Notch trail on the sections most people don't hike.