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Southern Idaho Travel Tips


I am heading out west in July for a camping trip. I added a few days at the end of it to drive around Southern Idaho. I only have three days and I want to check out Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Twin Falls and Boise.

I would love to hear your recommendations for must see spots or best restaurants and coffee shops. I’m on a bit of a budget so any sort of “hole in the wall” places are welcomed! 

Thanks for the tips!!

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Hi there!

I have some family in southern Idaho and have driven through there on occasion. I highly recommend the Pie Hole in Boise when you're there. Good food, great prices, and it's open really late! Also, while I have never been there, it has been on my list for years: The City of Rocks National Preserve. It's only a couple of hours from Twin Falls and, I am told, well worth the extra miles!

Have a great trip!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks so much for the tips JohnJ! I’ll definitely check those spots out! 


@Amanda00 - I live in Twin Falls! Shoshone Falls is a great stop in town, along with a walk around Dierke's Lake (might see some rock climbers on the canyon walls during your walk around the small lake). Entrance to get into both Dierkes Lake and Shoshone Falls is about $5 per vehicle (cash). 

At Perrine Bridge you can watch BASE jumpers jump off the bridge for the 450+ foot drop to the canyon floor below. You can also rent kayaks from a company called AWOL can paddle up the Snake River from Centennial Park. Pricing is super affordable and you would be able to see BASE jumpers from a different angle while paddling under the bridge.

If you want to do some hiking, there are tons of trails up in the Ketchum area. If you travel further north you'll arrive at Red Fish Lake, a stunning mountain lake with all sorts of bells and whistles. All Trails will be your friend around here, there are so so many trails to check out for all skill levels! About 10 minutes north of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area visitors center is a pull out on the right hand side called Billy's Bridge. Its worth a quick stop to go to the platform built with some telescopes mounted to the railing. It overlooks a mountain face that has a family of mountain goats living on it. I don't see them every time I stop, but I stop every time I drive that way!! 

If you are a scenic drive person, you can go from Twin Falls, to Stanley (through Ketchum), and then head west out of Stanley and eventually make your way to Boise. Twin to Stanley: 3 hours without stopping (you'll want to stop places), and then Stanley to Boise: another 3 hours (again, you'll want to stop places). 


Hope this helps! Happy trials!

Hi Kimberly!

Thank you so much for the tips! These sound right up my alley! I can’t wait to get there. I think I’m going to follow your itinerary exactly! This was a huge help 🙂