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Seeking an Updated Idaho Centennial Trail map - any suggestions?

My son and I will be hitting the ICT for the first time. I’ve been looking for an updated ICT topography map without much luck. Any help would be very much appreciated!

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@Keyzbackpacking thanks for reaching out - this is a tricky one! We have a few community members who are avid backpackers and may have lots of knowledgeable about maps so we'll tag them in case they can help - @Wanderer@OldGuyot@Philreedshikes@ghsmith76 @Surlyman. In addition, we'll ask around with our REI folks who work in Idaho and see if they have ideas! More to come...

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@Keyzbackpacking we just heard back from our Store Manager in the Boise. His advice: 

"The US Forest Service and BLM have their main office off S Vinnell Way in Boise. They are located right across the breezeway from the Social Security Administration. The lobby on the first floor stocks maps from both sources. They have all types of maps covering the state and many other areas. They are probably the best map source in Boise. Idaho Blueprints in downtown Boise also carries topographical maps and would be another source. One would have to check current hours to determine when they will be open."

We hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Keyzbackpacking hmmm, looks like you're going to have to cobble together a connected series of individual trails, ouch.

If I was going, I'd look for a gpx file that someone may have already created, load that into caltopo and voila, there are your map sections for printing or/and downloading on your map app for detailed nav.

or...use the resupply points listed in the centennial guide pdf to piece together the individual trail sections, on caltopo's detailed maps, that might be the easiest way to put the puzzle together.


here's the link to that screen shot, you can't get any more detailed than that, and caltopo let's you print out your own scaled pdf, so you can send then to UPS stores for printing on 11x17,-114.95527&z=14&b=mbh

and here's a screenshot from which shows what Nat Geo Trails Illustrated maps are available for Idaho


here's zoomed in a bit on


zoomed in some more, pretty darned good relief data and trail info...I'd use it


also found this



hope this helps, good luck! have fun, and post pictures, or it didn't happen, lol

ps - if it would help you can call me and I'll walk you through it, using caltopo to create your own detail route and maps.




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Thanks everyone! I will wait until the BLM office is open in Boise and try there first. If no luck then I will cobble together a map. In the meantime if you do hear of any updated Idaho centennial maps please let me know. Thanks so much!

@Keyzbackpacking Have you taken a look at the REI Hiking Project app? The Idaho Centennial Trail is in the app and the state of Idaho trails can be downloaded for offline use.


@Keyzbackpacking   I can send you the data in any format.  It is a work in progress. I like the $5 MapOut app because it is easy to the data-set.

@Keyzbackpacking Try this site. I downloaded the KMZ and imported it into my Garmin Explorer. There are many sites out there that will convert to gpx as well. Hope that helps!


Thanks PowIdaho! This is a huge help and just what we needed!!