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Volunteer Vacation - Maintain Trails in Colville National Forest near Republic, Washington

Join American Hiking Society for a week of building & maintaining trails in exciting locations across the country. Volunteer Vacations foster public land stewardship and provide volunteers the opportunity to give back to the trails they love, meet new people, and have a great time doing it! Crews consist of 6-10 volunteers accompanied by a crew leader. Volunteer Vacations involve backpacking or day hiking and accommodations vary from primitive campsites to bunkhouses or cabins. Tools and supervision are provided by the host agency or organization. Experience nature up close. Travel to new destinations. Meet other outdoor enthusiasts. Take a vacation that nourishes your body & your spirit. Get Out. Give Back.

Project Specifics: The project will take place from 8/23/2021 to 8/28/2021. There are hidden segments of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail on decommissioned Forest roads which aren’t yet counted as trail inventory, and so tend to be overlooked for regular maintenance. In the remote heart of northeast Washington, the PNTA needs your help to restore & maintain one or more of these obscure parts of the PNT. Work party sites may include one or more of the following: **North Kettle Range- The PNT extends the scenic Kettle Crest Trail an additional 6 miles north of Deer Creek Summit, winding along the slopes of Dry and Marble mountains. For many years, a two mile stretch of the PNT in the middle of this segment had been a brutal obstacle course of fallen logs. At last, during the summer of 2020, a PNTA volunteer crew logged it out! In 2021, we’ll continue maintaining this segment: crew leaders will buck out any fresh logs, while the crew lops and handsaws encroaching brush (as the area revegetates after a 2015 fire), defines and restores the tread surface, and possibly constructs a turnpike over the muddied sections near East Deer Creek. Crew will camp at Deer Creek Summit campground.**Swan Butte Cutoff - Heading west from Swan Lake trail & campground, the PNT bushwhacks 1-2 miles along decommissioned Forest roads and cross country, before reaching a long road walk through the Forest. This overlooked section will likely need a bit of log out, brush work (also revegetating from 2015 fires), and tread definition to bring it up to National Scenic Trail standards. **Corne Butte - This 5-6 mile corridor of the PNT, between Corner Butte and Fir Mountain, was roughed in by PNTA trail crews in 2012-2013, eliminating as many miles of inane and dusty road walk. Despite our best efforts to cairn the route, due to a lack of follow up on posting waymarkers and providing annual maintenance, the way through has been lost to PNT users! On this trip we’ll log and brush out the corridor, define and restore tread, and hang more Thunderbird waymarkers. Crew will camp at either Swan Lake campground, or set up a dispersed camp at nearby Sweat Creek picnic area.

Accommodations: Campgrounds include a picnic table, fire ring, and vault toilet. Swan Lake campground features non potable water from spigots; there's a developed spring a short walk/drive downhill from Deer Creek Summit campground; at the dispersed campsite water is drawn from Sweat Creek. Although showers aren't available at our campsites, PNTA trail crews typically set up an outdoor tarp stall for bucket bathing. The PNTA will provide all necessary kitchen gear. Some camp gear may be available to borrow from the PNTA gear library. The PNTA will be equipped with water filtration equipment, but it never hurts to bring your own as backup. Volunteers should bring their own tent, sleeping bag/sleeping pad, cup/bowl/mug/eating utensils, water filtration system, and personal gear.

Trip Cost: $365 per person for non-members

Volunteer Experience: While trips do not require prior trail maintenance experience, all of our projects require participants to be in good physical condition and will involve 30-40 hours of physical labor during the week. Minimum age 18. 

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