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Which size skins fit a Jones Solution 142 splitboard?

I have a Jones solution 142 youth splitboard and am having trouble knowing which size skins will be short enough for my board. Any advice?

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Hey @rikasaki289 - Thanks for reaching out! These Jones Nomad skins are universal and will work with your splitboard - they just need to be cut to the right length. We recommend taking your skins into your local REI to have them fitted to your splitboard. This is a process you can also do at home, but bear in mind that you'll want to be absolutely sure you're making the correct cut on the climbing skin as you can't undo it once you make the cut. Here is a video on how to cut splitboard skins if you want to check it out for some more information. Let us know if you have any other questions. Excited to hear you have some backcountry plans in the works!

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