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What is the best option for getting my ski pants shortened?

I have a brand new pair of ski pants that I'd like to have shortened.

I believe REI typically suggests Rainy Pass Repair which I contacted a couple of days ago for an estimate. Unfortunately, their estimate came in a lot higher than I anticipated at $125 to $176, and they added the caveat that this was merely a preliminary estimate. I can understand that there may be some variance if I was looking for some kind of repair but for a straightforward shortening, there should be a pretty firm price. I specifically noted the brand as well as the pants being insulated when I asked for the estimate in order to avoid any surprises.

Would you be able to suggest at least one other alternate shop that I could contact?


P.S.: While I don't have a problem working with an out of state shop, I'll mention that I live in the Phoenix area in the event that you have several other shops to choose from.

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I am very interested in hearing replies on this as well.  I'm a short guy and have a heck of a time finding pants with a short enough inseam.  I routinely have pants hemmed, but for tech fabrics and ski-snow pants I don't have a solution.

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@agemini15 @johnt 

Thanks for reaching out!

We do recommend Rainy Pass Repair for any type of repair or alteration on outdoor gear and apparel. While you may be able to find a local tailor who can perform an alteration, such as shortening the hem of your pants, you always want to be sure they are familiar with and have experience altering outdoor fabrics, including waterproof/breathable fabrics. Ski pants, in particular, are challenging as they may have insulation, an internal gaiter, a reinforced patch on the inside of the ankle, multiple layers of fabric, elastic at the hem, a side zipper, or many other features that are found on technical outerwear but not on 'normal' clothes. Each one of those elements adds to the complexity, and eventual cost, of the repair/alteration. 

A quick google search shows many sewing/alteration shops in the Phoenix area. While it does not appear that any of them list working on 'technical outerwear' or 'waterproof/breathable' fabrics in their services offered, it may be worth a call to see if they do that work or, at the very least, know of a shop in Phoenix who does.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I have seen a quick fix by adding a power strap or ski strap between your top two buckles of your boots to hold the gaiter of the snow pant up a little and this raises up the pants themselves. Also, suspenders can help, but after a while they just give you a wedgie (they can only go so far up, right?).  It isn't great, but an alteration on waterproof equipment is no easy ask as @REI-JohnJ points out.

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.