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Snowboard size recommendations

Hey there,

 What length snowboard should I get for all mountain conditions? I'm 6'1" and 150 lbs. Skill level is intermediate to advanced...tree runs, powder, terrain park etc.

Thank you!

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Hi @akw237 - great question!

Generally, you are looking for a snowboard to land between your chin and nose; however, your ideal length will vary based on model, shape/style, your skills and aggression level, and your desired terrain. 

Most snowboards have a weight range associated with each model, but that range is usually fairly large and you will often find you fall within the weight range of multiple lengths. So while it's good to double-check you are not choosing a board that is way off for you, you should also take other factors into consideration.

The shorter the board, the slower it goes and the easier it is to turn, so those on beginner terrain or riding at slow to moderate speeds might choose a shorter length. The longer the board, the faster it goes, while also being harder to turn. This is ideal for more aggressive terrain and higher speeds, since a longer board generally offers more stability at high speeds. 

Moving on to the shape of the board, a mostly rockered board will ride shorter than its length would indicate. A mostly cambered board will ride as you might expect, but when paired with a moderate to stiff flex, can be a hard charging sort of board that is perfect for people who love to ride quickly and aggressively.

The terrain and conditions you mention can also lead to the back-and-forth of what your ideal size is. A longer board will give you more float in powder, since your body weight will be distributed over a greater surface area. But a shorter board is more nimble in the trees. You may also want to consider a wide board, since I imagine you have long feet at 6'1." A wide board rides longer and faster at it's length as compared to the same length in a regular-width option.

Think about where you will be riding the most. If you are mostly in the trees, consider the shorter and more nimble board. If you ride at moderate speeds and wish your current board were easier to turn, go shorter. If you tend to ride mostly packed, icy and groomed terrain at high speeds, and your current board is not stable enough, consider going longer.

Hope that helps!

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