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Ski Recommendations - East Coast Intermediate Skier w/ Trips out West

Hey team! I am currently debating between the Head Kore 93 and 99s. I'll ski mostly on the east coast (PA, VT) and a couple trips out west (either Utah, CO, or WY) and am an intermediate skier. I am 6'0'' / 180 lbs. Looking for a fun ski that I can use on a lot of different terrain. If you had to pick one ski, what would you recommend and what size?

Any other recommendations for this all-around style ski?

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What you're looking for is called an "all mountain" ski.  You probably want the Kore 93s which will be more versatile and more likely to be fun on the snow you actually have as opposed to fantasy snow you don't have. The root of problem is, any given pair of skis will do some things well and other things not as well.  For instance, if you are mainly skiing in Utah and CO where snow is soft and fluffy you'd generally want a softer ski than in PA and VT where snow is typically hard and icy.  The sad truth is even in Utah most ski days are not powder days. The quixotic  search for a "quiver of one"  has yet to succeed for anyone, but luckily,  you'll get used to whichever skis you end up buying.    Personally, though, I'd say, the most important ski gear is  boots that don't hurt.  

Hi @kwb123 - Thanks for reaching out. It has me excited to see that other people are also already thinking about upcoming winter gear too!

@AmyB gave some great advice on this. If you're interested in diving into some more information on choosing new alpine skis, we suggest taking a look at the Expert Advice article How to Choose Downhill Skis. The video below also does a good job at walking you through some different options to consider in the process. 

Let us know if you'd like more suggestions and we'll be happy to help. My fingers are already crossed for a great ski season ahead! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks Amy / Carter.  When will the 2022 Kore line be available at REI for order?


@kwb123 - You're welcome!

We're expecting to see the 21/22 Head Kore lineup starting in the beginning of September. That date could change due to variables in shipping and processing timelines, so checking the website periodically around then will be the best way to keep track of availability.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I would agree you probably want the 93 width given your ski areas.  Also, if you are looking for more responsive ski, you can size down in length to just below your chin 170-175c as opposed to the longer versions.  Don't forget to invest in a solid boot if you don't already have a good pair as this can make a huge difference.

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93 is still wide for a east coast ski. I ski an 88 waist Elan Amphibio on the east coast and it is a lot of ski to turn underfoot for a groomer boomer. I have yet to hit anything in PA or VT that they cant handle from after the rain snow on Blue Knob to first one off the lift after Okemo gets 7 inches overnight. I went with the Amphibio because I am what is called a Clydesdale.

  clydesdale.jpg  Big and pretty moving through the snow.

And am no longer as functional as I was 45 years ago, bumps are out.

One of the good things for you is you fit into the charts of avg sized human so you have a wide range of skis and boots to choose from. You state that you are an intermediate. Ok, intermediate covers a wide range of opinions of how good you are. It can mean everything from "I learned to not pizza yesterday" to " I can ski all of the single blacks that are not moguled up" I am a Terminal Intermediate. The first time I go each year I look like I just figured out how to parallel, and at the end of the season I am running blacks and carving like I know what I am doing. Really think about what you are going to do, or where you want to go with your skiing over the next couple of years.

Good boots, from a boot fitter not the internet, are far more important than the ski you are using towards getting better and being more comfortable pushing to where you want to be.

You are looking at a rocker rocker ski for the east coast... My opinion only, but a rockered tip on a camber ski suits better for groom/hardpack/ice that is so common here.

One other thing, if you take a trip west, you can bring your boots and rent skis. That way you can have a dedicated EC skis and still ski powder skis on powder.