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recommendation for first snowshoes

I am an older woman looking to buy my first pair of snowshoes.  Want them for basic and hilly day hikes, not rigorous trails or ascents.  But, I also want comfort so I can be out for several hours.  I am going back and forth between the basic Evo, Evo Ascent and the Revo Trail.   I'm concerned that basic Evo is wide, noisy and without televator.  Evo Ascent is also wide. Revo Trail is narrower, making it more comfortable and has televator but pricy at $220 and I have not seen any reviews,  Any recommendations?

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Thanks for reaching out!

You've chosen some really good snowshoes and you're on the right track regarding the width of your snowshoe, as that has a really big impact on how comfortable you are snowshoeing, particularly if you are planning to go for several hours. Personally, I've snowshoed with and without the heel-lift bar and I have used it less than I expected. It is effective at relieving the strain on your calves, however, unless I was hiking a sustained and significant uphill trail I did not find them beneficial enough to warrant their use. If you're hiking gradual or rolling hills, you may find that is a feature you can do without. 

We highly recommend joining a live snowshoeing event with MSR we are hosting tonight with a Q and A time at the end. You can find more information, including how to sign up, in the conversation What questions do you have about snowshoeing in the Northeast?. Additionally, if you have yet, we encourage you to check out the Expert Advice article, How to Choose Snowshoes, as it contains a lot of useful information as well.

Hopefully this helps, thanks! 

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