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Question about the optimal length of the G3 skins


I am thinking of getting myself G3 Alpinist+ climbing skins. I previously used their older version and generally pleased with them. Recently G3 redesigned their tip and tail attachment which gets good reviews. The question is which length is the optimal.

I have 184 cm Dynastar Mythic 97 ski. Skins of "medium" and "long" standard sizes theoretically can work with the skis. However, the smallest ski length for the "long" version is 183 cm, and at this length the ski tip design may make difference, due to the specifics of the tip attachment mechanism. Length-wise, "medium" length seem to be safer. However, the skin kind of fall on the shorter range, and because the s skin has pronounced taper towards the tail on one hand,and the Mythic does not have much of a rocker at the tail, I am worried if medium sized skin provides enough traction at the tail.

Given that, what would be a better choice for a skin length?

Also, does anybody have a firsthand experience with Alpinist+ Universal vs. Alpinist+ Glide? How do they compare in the field, especially in spring conditions?




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Hi @Dmitry - great questions! You are right, the length of the skin is very important, because if the skin is too big or too small (even by 1 inch) the tip and tail clips might not fit, and then the skin won't work optimally, or really even that well. Looking at the length options in the G3 skins, it looks like the length varies slightly based on whether it is Grip, Universal or Glide so the important thing to do is to verify that that specific skin you are choosing is the correct length. If you look at the Universal options, it seems the Large/Long version will be the best fit for your skis. I wouldn't really worry about the tapered tail section impacting your grip, since the majority of your weight and flex/movement will occur in the waist of your skis. You will still have good grip, especially if you choose the Universal option vs. the Glide option.


As far as Universal vs. Glide, you want to think about the typical type of terrain you will find yourself on and your goals for your skins. So for instance, if you will be on mostly low-angle terrain and you won't be carrying too much weight (you are not planning an overnight ski expedition) and your goal is to go as quick as possible, the Glide option could be the best fit for you. If you find yourself on beginner+ terrain (think, steeper than "green" terrain or maybe sometimes low angle, sometime steeper angle terrain) and you don't want to worry about having too little grip, the Universals will be the best option for you. 


Hope this helps! Have a fun and safe time in the backcountry! 

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Thanks, @REI-SarahS 

I got myself Alpinist+ Glide, in the long size. Size-wise it is "just there", i.e. I can clip the skin using the second hole on the belt with reasonable effort and think that I'd rather not try the last one so as not to damage it.

Hopefully it will see a good use during the upcoming season.