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Need advice on the touring binding (re)mounting


I have a pair of the Voile Hypervectors with Dynafit Rotation ST 10 bindings that were originally mounted for a pair of Scarpa Maestrale RS with the BSL 331 mm. Lately I decided to use these as a dedicated light touring setup and pair it with Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio with the BSL 314 mm. Not only the difference in the BSL between these boots is appreciable, but also Dynafits have "speed noses" that is their inserts are presumably closer to the ball of foot than in the comparable boots of traditional design. The rear part of the binding can be readjusted to accommodate the difference in the BSL, but the question is should I remount the bindings back, to account for the difference in the boot design.

I plan to use these largely for spring skiing and light touring, as well as some resort use. 

Originally, the bindings were mounted to the manufacturer specifications.




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I would have this evaluated by a ski shop.  I would think that if you only mounted these once, you could adjust the mount, but if it is really close to the old mount holes there may be some issues that repair epoxy could not fix.  While the technical skills demanded by mounting yourself are very achievable, I would not want the added liability if I am touring.

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absolutely recommend going with the manufacturers recommendation, which are usually made irregardless of the boot? 

I adjusted for a new boot/binding on my old blizzard alpine extremes, it was a disaster!

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The difference in bsl is 17mm and the rotation has +/- 22.5mm of adjustment. So depending on how they were mounted, it’s possible you won’t need a remount, but the reduction in bsl combined with the speed nose would result in you likely being mounted > +2mm of recommended. I have a very similar setup for a dedicated touring ski (HyperVector BCs / dynafit speed radicals / dynafit tlt7) and I’d sooner mount them back from recommended than forward. Hope this helps. They are great skis! 



@PatrickB , thanks.

The +2mm value is the number I was wondering about. The bindings were mounted to a manufacturer recommended point, so perhaps +2mm is not a big deal, and the general consensus is that I should not remount them unless I see the need from the actual experience.

I tried this setup on resort and saw no problems with it. Additionally, a bit of forward mount is likely to help when I carry a backpack (and I typically have a backpack weighing 10-15 lbs.).



@Dmitry if you have skied them inbounds and didn't think they felt super short and unstable at speed then you're probably good to go!

If they were mounted for your Scarpa boots at the recommended position (and assuming you ski a 184) they would have been mounted at 102.9cm (Voile has boot-center charts). You can see how far forward the new boots is by clicking it in the binding and looking for the mid-sole indicator on your boot. It's typically a line on the sole near the middle. Put a piece of tape down on the ski lined up with that mark on the boot and after removing the boot you can measure from the ski tip back to that piece of tape (in a straight line). If the measurement is ~102.7cm you're at +2mm. If they ski well and your bindings are adjusted properly (definitely confirm the heel gap specific to the rotation) I'd just keep skiing them. 


I have 177 cm, which is indeed a bit short for me, but they will have their place for some specific terrain and conditions.