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Looking for winter boot manufactured in the United States

I am replacing a pair of Columbia Titanium winter boots that have served well but are at their end of life.  I would like to find a boot that is manufactured in the United States.  Actually, I would be happy with any country of origin other than China.  I will be using these mainly for snowshoeing.  

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@allenp71 Thanks for reaching out!

All of the winter boots carried by REI are manufactured outside of the US. Because materials and manufacturing can be sourced from different countries, most of our boots are listed as 'imported'. As such, it took some digging to track down a couple of winter boots that may meet your needs:

Baffin has manufactured their boots in Stoney Creek, Canada since 1979 and Oboz are made in two factories in Vietnam.

While they are not winter boots, here are a couple of boot options that are made in the USA that may work for snowshoeing, depending on how cold you run and what temperatures you are snowshoeing in:

Additionally, you can view all of the men's boots carried by REI that are made in the USA here. In fact, if you enter 'made in USA' into the search bar on it will bring up every product made in the US and you can filter down through categories to find the product you need.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Thanks for your reply.  I am happy to hear about the "Made in USA"  search feature.  I noticed on the Baffin Crossfire page of the REI website that one reviewer stated they were "made in Myanmar".  Considering their record on human rights violations, I am not wild about products made there either.  I have contacted Baffin directly to see if they can point me to a boot that is for sure made in Stoney Creek, Canada.  Thanks again for your help.  It's always nice to know someone is listening.  

Some more info on Baffin:

And it’s rare for companies to do moulding in Canada anymore, as Baffin does, Mr. Sully says, noting most footwear marked “made in Canada” includes significant work done overseas.

Baffin says it moulds and finishes its “Canadian-made” products in Hamilton’s east-end, while cutting and sewing for those boots occurs offshore, including factories in Italy, Turkey, China, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Marketing manager Jessica Liut says the amount of its product made in Canada versus offshore changes each season based on factors such as style, collection and materials.

“This makes it very difficult to quantify, but we maintain as much of our production as possible from our Hamilton [headquarters],” she says.


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