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How was your experience with Åsnes Skis or Alfa boots?

Congratulations to REI for offering the finest Norwegian skis and boots available this winter. My question to the lucky ones who were able buy any Åsnes or Alfa products — what did you choose and how was your experience with the products? 

I am planning to buy a pair of Åsnes  Børge Ousland BC skis at 1,650g for a pair and some Alfa Guard Advance GTX boots weighing 1,450g next season. The total for this combination is 3.1kg or 6.8 lbs.

The Ouslands are 66mm wide at the tips so they can be used in groomed tracks. They preform well breaking trail in deep snow when back country skiing. They are waxable and have easily attached mini skins for wet and icy snow so I can then use hard grip waxes on cold snow and the mini skins in warm, wet snow and in icy conditions and then avoid needing messy and sticky klister. 



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