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How to prevent blisters while snowshoeing

I recently did a 3.5 hour snowshoe, but ended up with blisters on the balls of my feet.  Ouch!  Anyone have that experience or know how to prevent it?

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Have you tried using liner socks? I highly recommend them, haven't had a single blister since! I use Injinji toe socks, but there are other brands and styles as well

@rebobo curious what type of shoes/boots you wore for snowshoeing - sounds like there was too much movement for your feet in your footwear. Sometimes insulated winter boots are perfect, although with blister issues, you could also consider full leather hiking boots that may provide a better fit. Liner socks are also a great consideration, as mentioned by @zeggie suggested, because they can absorb the movement between your foot and your boot. Hope this helps!

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First, be certain that your boots fit well. Then as others have suggested, try double socks but be certain that does not cut off circulation in your feet. For me, double socks do not help but for others they are great. And as quick as you feel a hot spot on your foot, take off boot and sock and apply Vasoline or something to  the area, or put tape over that area. You should prevent blisters and not need to treat them.