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Glove suggestions for a trip to Alaska.

Any suggestions on what type of gloves I should buy? I’m from San Diego and hardly ever experience extremely cold weather. any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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Thanks for reaching out!

I lived in Alaska for six years before moving south to Seattle last year, so I can provide some pretty good insight in to what is needed to keep your hands warm. Your best bet is to layer your hands similarly to any other part of your body; with an inner 'base' layer and an outer 'insulating' layer. Some glove or mitten combos come with both pieces, such as the REI Co-op Gauntlet GTX gloves or the Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Modular Mittens, which have glove liners and outer shells. Both of those options are waterproof as well.

If you're not looking for that level of protection from the elements, you could look at combining a liner glove like these:

And wearing them underneath another, warmer, outer layer like these:

That allows you to keep your hands warm in the mittens, but also take them off when you need dexterity (taking a photo or using your car keys, for example) and having the liner gloves help retain the heat in your hands. If you're going to be out playing in the snow (i.e. skiing, sledding, skating, etc), then the first options would likely be a better choice as they are waterproof and can provide that extra protection against snow and ice. However, if you're going to be outside sightseeing (i.e. watching the norther lights or the Iditarod), then the second option could work great.

We hope you have an awesome trip to Alaska, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you so much this has really helped me a lot. 





Hey, If you are looking to be protected from extreme cold temps than I would definitely recommend the Firebrand Mitts from Outdoor Research ( They are designed for the US military, but can be purchased from one of their distributors, US Elite.

I have used these while submitting Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as other cold weather hikes/trips. They are a 2 part mitten, so you have a removable inner liner (insulated) with an insulated Gore-tex outer shell. Not only has it kept my hands warm, but the inside of the mitten is very soft too. A nice feature of the mittens is that it comes with removeable cords that will let the mitten hang from your wrists in case you need to take them off and don't want to put them down. The mitten is also Made in the USA.

In case you are in need of any lighter or liner gloves, I would suggest you check out Upstate Stock ( Their gloves are Knit in New Jersey, sewn and finished in Brooklyn, NY.  I have a few products from them and its all great quality.

Enjoy the trip and stay warm!


@PriscillaT  where in Alaska are you going and what time of the year? If you’re going to SE Alaska in the summer you might want just a light wool glove liner, but if you’re headed to Fairbanks in the winter you might want a much warmer glove/mitten. 

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