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Fall Rolling (Is it snowing yet?)

Well, fall is settling in so time to switch gear slightly.  I will continue to cross blade with my K2 VO2s until the pavement gets to slippery.  The V02s are my favorite blades because the wheel guard is only on one side and you have much less chance of getting debris stuck in there to trip you up. 

I currently have the roadrunner wheels on my Powerslide skeleton roller skis, but I will add the pneumatic wheels onto the back and go hybrid for more grip to help with ice patches.  The skeleton is nice because I can add cooler cross trainers for the summer and switch to full snow cross country ski boots in the winter.  I will occasionally add both pneumatics on for the trails, but to do that I need a good 4 hours to kill.  Full pneumatic is a workout much more intense than even regular cross country skiing on snow with the added not-so-fun benefit of being much slower. You also can't edge on them at all (you can on blades), which means no downhill practice. 

How is everyone else keeping sane until the snow starts falling?


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@Diesseldorf - Thanks for sharing these details with us! I'm not a rollerskier myself, but there are a lot of folks up here in the Vermont that do it, so it's always fun to learn more. 

It feels necessary to mention that snow fell on Mt Washington yesterday, so... the wait is technically over! Excitement levels are high!

I'm spending time mountain biking, gravel riding and... thinking about waxing skis and planning a sno-sealing gloves get-together with friends! Don't tell bikes, but I'm especially excited for those last two. 

Thanks for sharing the excitement. Fingers crossed for amazing snow conditions ahead!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Nice!  There has been some snow south at Big Sky and north by Whitefish as well, but nothing has stuck around.  Usually end of October there may be some that stays.  Getting really close again!  

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.