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Climbing skins shelf life


I am wondering what is the shelf live of climbing skins after they are purchased, before the first use and still covered with the original film, not skin saver, assuming they are stored under conditions recommended by the manufacturer. (Or, simply put, should I hoard skins whenever I see them on the discount but don't have immediate need for them) .


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Hi @Dmitry - Thanks for bringing this question to the community! After doing a bit of research and hearing back from some of our skiing experts, no one can definitively say how long a climbing skin's "shelf life" is. The skin's glue is really the determining factor here and its longevity is super dependent on storage conditions. It is recommended, like you assumed, to store them without sticking them together and using the backing they originally came with. Keeping them at room temperature in a dry room is also best practice. 

All of that being said, if you do not already re-glue your skins, that also can extend their life a fair amount. The American Avalanche Institute has an instruction guide on the process in their Backcountry Climbing Skins: How to Reglue article. That could save you from needing to stock up and go through as many pairs.

If you find out additional information or if you test it out yourself, we'd love to know what your find out! 

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