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Can I use any cross-country ski to learn to skate ski?

There is a groomed skate skiing course in my area that I wanna try. It's separate from their cross country ski course. They rent xc skis but you have to bring your own skis for the skate ski trails. I don't wanna buy new skate skis just to try the course but I really wanna try it. Will any cross country ski work to skate ski? Or do I need skate ski specific ones? Will used vintage ones like rossignol 180 sport skis work? Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks for reaching out!

While there are some boots that can do both styles of cross-country skiing, the other equipment, bindings and skis, are specific to each style. A skate ski is designed to glide with the entire bottom of the ski, with the propulsion coming from the 'skating' motion of the activity and pushing off with the inside edge of the ski. A classic cross-country ski glides only on the tip and tail of the ski and grips in the middle, or 'kick zone', when weighted. Additionally, because the motion of the skier is different in each style, the bindings (and most cross-country ski boots) are specific to each method and are not able to swap between them.

As such, it is unlikely that the Rossignol 180 sport skis will work unless they are a skating style ski with skate bindings on them. Your best bet may be to borrow from a friend or check and see if there another rental option. Sometimes your local cross-country ski club may have rentals or lessons available as well.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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