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Are Look pivot 18 bindings built different than the 15 DIN version?

I have read that beyond the obvious very high DIN setting of 18 that the Pivot 18 is built differently than the Pivot 15 giving better boot to ski contact. Any thoughts on this?

I am an aggressive 6’2” 230 lb skier. 

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@MJakaAJ - I think 18 is way higher than almost anyone would need, even with your size I am not seeing a chart that would have you go that high unless you are racing.  I think you would be safe with either.  Almost all regular bindings, if setup properly, are going to get the boot to ski contact you need.  Your boot is locked in at both ends regardless, a proper stance will transmit the force down to the skis as intended.  I look more at the weight of the bindings and try to cut down where I can, I have never observed a difference between brands in terms of shock absorption.

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Boot to ski contact? From what I can see, the 15 has the same contact points as the 18 with a lower starting DIN.