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A question about snowshoe fitting.


My side of my feet hurt while snowshoeing, is it because I am fastening the snowshoe too tight or I am not putting my feet at the right location of the snowshoe?  Are there any advice you can provide?  Should I visit a REI store for assistance?

Thank you,

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Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing pain in your feet when snowshoeing. While there are many factors that could affect how your feel are feeling when you're snowshoeing, we think you are likely on the right track thinking about how tight your snowshoes are. Fortunately, that can be easy to test: the next time you go out, strap one snowshoe as tight as you normally would and then strap the other one down just a bit less. If you're still experiencing pain in both feet, then it is likely something else.

In terms of where your foot should be located, generally speaking you want the ball of your foot to be right over the main crampon (teeth) of the snowshoe. That is where your weight lands and will give you the best purchase with that crampon. This will mean the toe of your boot will overhang just a little bit, and that's okay. You want to make sure it's not too far, however, as you can catch your toe on the front of the snowshoe. Additionally, on most snowshoes, you will want your foot centered in the binding left to right.

If neither of those things solve your problem you are always welcome to visit your local REI store and speak with a green vest expert. If you do go in to a store, make sure you bring your snowshoes, boots, and socks as well. It could also be how you are lacing your boots or the thickness of your socks. There are so many variables in caring for your feet out on the trail!

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Hello JohnJ,

Thank you so much for the insightful information.  This is great.  I will give it a try.