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3 Pin Ski Boot Recommendations

My local REI does not stock 3 pins.  Can I buy 2 or 3 boots (sizes and styles) then return what I don't need?  How do I manage the sale coupons?

I only see two 3 pin boots.  Both on the strudy side.  Are there any lighter boots for sale?



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Hi @wyomingmoon - Thanks for reaching out! Yes, you can purchase the options you think may work and then return the others.

Of the cross country 3-pin boots we carry, the Rossignol BC X11s are the lightest. The two other options are:

The support that comes with the 3-pin bindings and their compatible boots is reliable, but does mean having sturdier/heavier boot options. REI does not carry anything lighter than the BC X11s mentioned above.  

For the discount question, if you return an item that you purchased with your member 20% off coupon, you are able to use that coupon on a different item within the dates it is active (in this case, 11/13/20 - 11/23/20). This would allow you some flexibility with your shopping plan. 

Let us know if you have any more questions and we'll be glad to help. Happy skiing! 

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