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Recommendations for Seattle Winter/Rain Clothing

Hi All,


I am recently shifted to seattle, so new to snow & rain. I need couple of suggestions for clothing -
Should I buy raincoat or just umbrella is fine?

Should I buy snow shoes or sports shoes with spikes under shoe sole is fine ?

Any suggestions on these ?

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@shagura thanks so much for reaching out for suggestions on good clothing for the Seattle winters - where did you move from?

Seeing as you posted your question today, it's likely you just experienced the ~8" of snow that landed over the last 2 days - hopefully you had a few layers to get through that storm, noting that snow in the city isn't all that typical (just lots of rain)!

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Seattle is pretty rainy, especially Oct-Apr. You'll likely see most folks wearing raincoats, some with umbrellas, and others with both - it depends a little on what you're doing - walking around town? Commuting? Walking the dogs through a city park? Or in the mountains, hiking or backpacking?
  • We'd certainly recommend a rain jacket, as it'll free your hands up to do other things and can be more effective than an umbrella on windy days. To get started, you might check out this Expert Advice article on how to choose rainwear - this will explain some of the differences in raincoats and how to choose what will be best for how you plan to use it!
  • In terms of shoes - this will again depend on where you're wearing them - around town? In the mountains? You won't need actual snowshoes in town; it's even unlikely you'll need shoes with spikes, as Seattle rarely gets snow/ice, although it doesn't hurt to have them on-hand for the rare instances of winter weather (like the last 2 days!). That said, you will definitely want to pick out a pair of waterproof shoes/boots, and maybe even consider insulated winter boots if your feet tend to run cold.

For both the raincoat and the footwear, we'd definitely suggest either visiting your local REI store (the Seattle Flagship is pretty incredible) or setting up a free virtual outfitting appointment to get personalized help from one of our employees. We hope this helps get you started - feel free to reply if you have additional questions!

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