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Meet the Mountaineers and Used Gear Sale

Interested in learning how to snowshoe, kayak, or navigate in the backcountry? Want to meet new exploration buddies? Have a gear wishlist a mile long, or have some extra gear you'd like to unload? Stop by our open house Septemeber 10 from 6-8pm. RSVP HERE


Representatives from each of our activity committees will be on hand to answer all of your burning questions about courses and upcoming events. We're just about to launch into our course season and with everything from hiking to sailing, climbing to skiing, and kayaking to first aid, The Mountaineers can surely offer you new ways to get outside.

This open house style event gives you a chance to ask questions and find out what's right for you. With 10,000+ passionate members in our active community, we really do have something for everyone.


Visitors will also have special access to our Gear Grab, where anyone can buy or sell gently used outdoor gear. Mountaineers and members of our active community come to sell all sorts of stuff. You may not find exactly what you need, but you may go home with something you didn't know you'd need, and you'll definitely find a treasure-trove of cool, old outdoor gear.


We have officially given out all the available table space with 45 RSVP'd sellers this year! See below about getting on the seller waitlist. Email if you'd like to be placed on the waiting list.  

We encourage 10% of proceeds from gear sales to be donated to The Mountaineers for hosting the event.


The Mountaineers Bookstore will be open late. If you're a member, you always save 20% on our books and USGS maps. This is the perfect opportunity to snag a great read or instructional guide. 

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