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Wanting to Hike Lake Katherine in NM in late June

We are looking at hiking Windsor trail to lake Catherine and spending the night there and hiking Santa Fe baldy the following day. I'm curious as to what the weather could/ should be in late June. I went to Philmont (North West NM) about 4 years ago in late June with my son and his troop, we stayed in the southern part of Philmont and did tooth of time. We didn't see any snow and over 7 days only had one really chilly night. Are there any resources that would be able to give me advice on hiking those trails in late June? Specifically, what kind of weather to expect and what trail conditions should be like in late June. I've heard weather / snow conditions in June can be unpredictable, I am trying to figure out appropriate attire and equipment for myself and my family.

About 5 years ago my daughter and I did the Windsor trail from Santa Fe ski resort to about 3/4 of the way to lake katherine before spending the night on the trail and returning back to our car the following morning. We did this in late April. We were prepared equipment wise, and I'm not really wanting to bring a ton of cold weather gear if not needed. But I've heard lake Katherine could still have snow in late June, and it could get into the 30's or lower at night. Is this info accurate??

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Hey there @Texasroclimber!

Sounds like a great time ahead of you!  We were able to gather some expertise from one of our employees, local to the area, and here is what they have to say...

"Lake Catherine in late June with a side trip up Baldy is very do-able. With the lake sitting at 11,800' one would need to prepare for lows in the 30’s (so a 15-30 degree bag with pad would be suitable.) There could be snow in the upper chutes surrounding the lake but there should be no snow (or maybe some muddy areas in the shade) for your hike in. We would not suggest snow shoes or micro-spikes that time of year.

The only caution would need to be your summit of baldy, you need to assure an early start because of the potential of afternoon lightning storms that occur frequently in summer months."

I hope this info is helpful and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have follow-up questions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you very much. This information is very helpful. We are really looking forward to this!!

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